Prof. Hans Loof



Hans Lööf  is Professor of Economics and Director of Centre of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies, the department of Industrial economics and management, Royal Institute of Technology. He was appointed the position as Professor of Economics at Royal Institute of Technology year 2009.

Professor Lööf current research includes projects on clean technology, refugee immigration, start-up ventures, patent and trademarks, minimum wages and offshoring.

He is lecturing in econometrics, economics of innovation and green economics. Professor Lööf is ranked among top 5% worldwide within the research field Small Business Management, top 6% within the field Innovation, according to the Ideas/Repec bibliographical database. He ranked among top 5% in Europe across all fields in Economics and Finance.

Lööf has published in a number of journals including Research Policy, The World Economy, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Review of World Economics , Journal of Regional Science, International Business Review, Journal of Technology Transfer, Annals of Regional Science, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, International Journal of Production Economics, Applied Economics, Japan, and the World Economy, Applied Economic Quarterly,The World Economy, Small Business Economics and Industry and Innovation. He is frequently reviewing research paper for Research Policy, Journal of Productivity Analysis, Economics of Innovation and Technical Change and the World Economy.

Professor Lööf has supervised more than 10 PhD students that have defended their thesis in economics, and he is currently supervising 3 PhD-students. He has also been head of the division of Economics  at the Royal Institute of Technology and the master programme Economics of Innovation and Growth.