Friday, 20 October 2017

A Accomodation

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All participants will be expected to make and cover the costs of their own hotel and subsistence arrangements. 

Listed below are recommendations of reputable hotels located within a 10 minutes radius of the conference venue. (KCEV):

  1. Serena Hotel
  2. Marriott Hotel Kigali
  3. Hotel des Milles Collines
  4. Ubumwe Hotel
  5. Park in by Radisson
  6. Galaxy Hotel
  7. Urban City Blue Hotel
  8. Karisimbi Hotel
  9. Zebra Boutique Hotel
  10. 5 Swiss Hotel
  11. Gorillas City Center Hotel
  12. Urban City Blue Hotel
  13. Iris Guest House
  14. Perle Hotel
  15. Inside Africa Boutique

Booking and customer reviews of these hotels can be found by following these link:, and


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The UR Scientific Conference Week is proudly supported by the UR-Sweden Program.