Friday, 20 October 2017

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During the Scientific Conference Week, the UR-College of Science and Technology will conduct a science exhibition on the theme: “the Role of Science and Technology in Socio-Economic Transformation of Rwanda. 

Science and technology plays a crucial role in economic transformation and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals all over the World.  The  University of Rwanda is a platform for the sciences in Rwanda, contributing to research and economic transformation of Rwanda. Engineering, mining, geology, computer science, information technology, architecture, biology, chemistry, physics and math are some of the Sciences that highly contribute to that aim throughout five Schools and four Research Centers that compose the College of Science and Technology (CST).  

To achieve that, University of Rwanda needs to build connection with real and potential stakeholders in public/private and government sector, by giving quality education to its future personnel.

Throughout the upcoming exhibition, the University intends to raise awareness about the variety of learning and career choices available, which could add to initiatives for capacity building in the country.

Among other objectives of the exhibition include:

  • To increase and boost technology transfer by encouraging career paths at the University.
  • To facilitate the maximum network collaboration of public and private sector with the University of Rwanda.
  • To Link private/public sector to socio-economic outcomes and government,
  • To attract and encourage female enrolment in the Sciences in order to empower young women for the future. 

The Exhibition on services and research will concentrate on the following: Smart Cities and Green Cities, Green Buildings and Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy and sustainable development, Cloud Computing, Design Innovation, Open Government, Information and cyber Security, Mobile Application Technologies, Biodiversity conservation and Natural resources management, Climate change, Water and Air Pollution, Urban and regional planning, Geological Exploration and, Transportation and Energy. 

Visitors will enjoy the exhibition of research production with relevance to innovation and economic transformation and proposed responses to national priorities and development challenges. 


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For more information or queries regarding the University of Rwanda Scientific Conference Week 2017 contact:



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The UR Scientific Conference Week is proudly supported by the UR-Sweden Program.